5ml 10ml gradient essential oil packaging glass free sample bottle

5ml 10ml gradient ramp colourful essential oil packaging glass refilling sample bottle

Gradient design, very unique.  Suitable for loading essential oil, vegetable oil, essence, etc., lock design, no leakage, no volatilization, fine technology, very comfortable to use, the ball is very smooth when using, will not damage your delicate skin.  The bottle body is small and exquisite, can be used anytime and anywhere, suitable for travel.  


5ml 10ml gradient ramp colourful essential oil packaging glass refilling sample bottle

Capacity: 5ml 10ml Customized capacity 
 19*65mm; 19*85mm
Plastic cap with stainless steel roller ball
Deco/hot stamping/silk printing/labeling… customized 
Carton then  pallet
3000 pcs
Samples: Free if  in stock


It can avoid sun.The surface of the bottle is very smooth, do not worry about scratching your finger, the roll ball is made of stainless steel, you can use oil in a very balanced way, if you want to engrave your logo, the MOQ is very small, you can send inquiry to us for your reference.


When using this ball bearing bottle, do not put in undiluted pure essential oil. Pure essential oil must be diluted with base oil before putting in.

Do not use hot water higher than 40 degrees to disinfect the ball, there is no problem with the glass bottle, but after the ball touches the hot water, the ball will be attached to the ball due to the physical principle of thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in poor sliding or rolling of the ball.

The bottle is clean, if you need to clean it again, you can just rinse it with water.

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